When you select the Abbey Guardians ‘Full Guardianship’ service, we will support students as they grow and flourish during their time at school in the UK. We are mindful of the individual students’ independence and aim to ensure and check in various ways that they are content and happy at school. We believe that a happy student will fulfil their potential.


  • We keep in regular contact with the student via phone, email and periodic visits to school
  • We maintain contact with the school, tracking academic progress if necessary and updating you of anything significant
  • Help & advice with school / university selection, visits & applications
  • Help & advice with subject selection
  • Help with school uniform and any other equipment required for school /clubs
  • We attend parents evenings & other school events on your behalf (if requested)


  • We act as Educational Guardian to your child whilst in the UK
  • We are on call to visit if there is any emergency
  • We are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if your child, you or your agent needs our help
  • Regular contact with the boarding house parents to ensure all is well
  • We provide support and advice for your child whenever they need us

Host Families, Exeats & Holidays

  • We select and appoint thoroughly checked host families, who we believe will contribute to your child’s stay during exeats & holidays
  • We liaise closely with you, your child, the school and the host family to organise trouble free holidays, exeats & school trips
  • Maintain contact with your child & host family over the period of the holiday to make sure they are happy & settled
  • Annual host family inspections
  • Make travel arrangements from airport to school, school to host family and any other travel as necessary or authorised by you (including help with airline UM services)

Practical & Financial

  • Help and advice with passports, visas and other documentation
  • Help with mobile phones, SIM cards etc
  • Arrange possessions, travel & private heath insurance
  • Help with opening a UK bank account or managing personal allowances

The lists above are not exhaustive – if there is anything we can help or advise with, we will.