Abbey Guardianship Fee Structure

Guardianship Service Fees (Valid from September 2017)

  • Registration Fee - £175 (one-off and non-refundable)
  • Guardianship Fee - £475 per term 
  • Student Expense Fund (Deposit) - approx. £500 per term (this may be more or less depending upon services used, term holidays etc. The deposit is required for homestay expenses, student expenses / allowances etc. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the school year minus disbursements - if the balance falls below £300 at any time the fund will need to be topped up)

Homestay Only Service (For students who already have a guardian in the UK)

For students who already have a guardian in the UK (perhaps a relative or family friend resident in the UK), we offer a 'Homestay Only' service. We can offer an exeat or half term stay with one of our host families, including room and full board accommodation charged as per our current schedule of disbursements. If you think this applies to you, please contact us for more information.

Abbey Guardians Temporary Guardianship

Abbey Guardians Ltd can act as guardian on a temporary basis for students who have alternative guardians in the UK. The decision to assist is entirely at our discretion, dependent on availability and circumstances. The normal circumstances for such an event are as follows:

·         A friend of a student already under Abbey Guardians care asks to stay for a Half Term or Term Break.
·          A student's normal guardian is unable to look after them due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances.
·     If a student arrives in the UK before our Guardianship agreement is in place, the above applies in the interim period and is subject to fees calculated at the time.

In order to act as a TEMPORARY GUARDIAN Abbey Guardians will require the following documents 7 days in advance of the event.

·         A fully completed Temporary Guardianship Form (available for download or from our office) signed by the student's parents OR their UK guardian who has Locum Parentis responsibilities delegated to them by the parents.
·         Payment in full. The payment is calculated by the number of nights stayed, PLUS our guardianship and administration costs. A cost quotation will be issued upon request at the time.


Holiday Courses / Tuition

The courses below are just a small selection of what we can arrange for your child - prices / information are available upon request:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Intensive English language courses (Summer & Easter)
  • Subject Tuition & Revision Courses (GCSE & A Level)
  • Personal Statement & University interview coaching

School Selection

Advice with school selection is a uniquely personal process, one which both student and parents must be involved in equally. We regularly assist parents with selection - arranging visits & meetings, collating information about the chosen school(s) and helping the parents make the best informed choice. Costs for this service vary with the level of input required - we are happy to discuss this element when you're ready to proceed.