University Guardianship

Abbey Guardians provides our unique support to parents and students who wish to extend guardianship services beyond Sixth Form. We undertake this for a variety of reasons; sometimes it will be the first time a student has studied in the UK, other times both parents and students feel that the security our service provides is something they can't do without - we also cater for younger students attending university earlier!

Our guardianship still works in much the same way, albeit paired down to reflect the students independence:

  • We maintain contact with parents and the student as your representative in the UK
  • We are here 24/7 should parents or students need our assistance
  • We are a point of contact for the University
  • Help and advice with University life
  • Homestay arranged with one of our Host Families if needed
  • Extra tuition or subject coaching can be arranged if requested
We can add-on additional services by request.

University Guardianship Fees

  • Registration Fee - £150 (one-off and non-refundable)
  • Guardianship Fee - £500 per Academic Year
  • Student Expense Fund - £250 initially to cover any expenses, travel or homestay. Any balance remaining at the end of the academic year will be refunded
Disbursements are charged as per the standard Abbey Guardians Fee structure.

If you wish to discuss University Guardianship further, please contact us using the details below and we'll be happy to talk through our service with you:

Edward & Sarah Lane

Abbey Guardians Ltd
135 Fairfield Park Road
United Kingdom


Tel / Fax: +44 (0)1225 442097

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